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About Our Jewellery

About Medieval Jewels 

Medieval Jewels started with the avid medieval enthusiast at heart. So many times we had found ourselves looking for superior quality products which matched the styles of civilisations thousands of years ago. 

As with so many passions we decided to turn ours into a business. We seek out the best quality historic jewellery and crafts and deliver them direct to your door. Buying one of our products means you can be sure you're getting an accurate piece of quality crafted work made to the finest quality and designed to bring you years of enjoyment. 

We are so excited to bring these products to you and hope you also enjoy them just as much as us. All of our products are crafted the the highest quality and come with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction meaning if you're not entirely satisfied then we'll refund your money. 

We're absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and our passion is to ensure every customer gets a great product and fantastic experience. f you have any questions or want to reach out to us personally, please send us an email via We look forward to hearing from you!